Visionary Web Closes After Twenty Years

After twenty years of operation, Visionary Web has closed. "It was a hard decision to make. We had a lot of very loyal customers and great employees. But it's time to move on to new adventures," said Andrew Duffy, Visionary Web's owner . Visionary Web was founded in 1997 in Wabash, Indiana. Duffy purchased the business in 2012 and shortly after that time the business went virtual, meaning it closed its physical office and all employees started to work from home.

"Before closing, it was very important to me to ensure all of our employees and customers had a path forward," said Duffy. A former employee, Jonathan Newton, landed a job with Consumer51, a business similar to Visionary Web. According to Duffy, "After Jonathan started working for Consumer51 he emailed me to say he thought the company would make a good home for Visionary Web's customers." Duffy contacted Consumer51's CEO Ari Banerjee and soon after he decided to start referring customers to the company.

Over 250 Visionary Web customers made the decision to move to Consumer51. This has allowed the company to start building a presence in Indiana. In addition to Newton, after taking on the new customers Consumer51 hired former Visionary Web employee Toby Sapusek. According to Duffy, "Once Consumer51 decided to establish a presence in Indiana, I knew I made the right decision to refer customers to them." To help ensure their success, Duffy now serves on Consumer51's board of advisors.

"Visionary Web was a successful business," said Duffy. "That success was made possible by strong community support, loyal customers and dedicated employees. Because of that, I didn't want to just walk away. I worked to make sure everyone had a path forward. With that goal achieved, Visionary Web is officially closed."

To learn more about Consumer51 and their services, visit and, or call (800) 401-9195.