As a vehicle of communication, effective websites are designed to create emotional connections, to elicit responses, to move people to action. What do you want to communicate with your website? and with whom do you want to communicate?

At Visionary Web we design all aspects of a website to contribute to the message you want to communicate and to the audience you want to captivate. By creating a powerful web-based experience, we help you turn your prospects into customers.

Several web design elements are considered as part of the process of creating a new website design, including:

Check Mark - Yes! Search Engine Optimization – designing a website with the right combination of keywords, descriptions, and content to increase organic search rankings.

Check Mark - Yes! Industry Standards – working within industry accepted and agreed upon standards to ensure cross-browser compatibility

Check Mark - Yes! Content Development – using words and graphics to communicate your message

Check Mark - Yes! Interaction – allowing your audience to be engaged with you through interactive features

Our Process

Web design is a creative process and as such requires close collaboration between you and your team and the Visionary Web development team. After ten years of business we still continue to refine our process, but here is a basic outline to give you an idea of how we get from A to B.

Initial pre-proposal consultation. This consultation is always free. It gives each of us the opportunity to learn about each other and to brainstorm your ideas for a new website. From this meeting an initial proposal will be developed.
Proposal Negotiations. Our goal with proposals is to create something that works for both parties. However, we know that we sometimes misinterpret ideas and goals, so it is expected that we will need to tweak the requirements and scope of the project before we have a final proposal.
Discovery Phase. Upon acceptance of our proposal we will provide you a Discover Phase Questionnaire. This questionnaire covers everything from look and feel, to colors, logo, and even competitive research. Through this questionnaire our design team members will develop our initial layout concepts for your review.
Layout Reviews. We will develop multiple layout ideas for your consideration. Our expectation is that you will critique the layouts and provide valuable feedback to help us refine and tweak a final layout that matches your vision for your website.
Layout Approval. Upon your approval of a final website layout we will start the next process, which is creating the technical features of your new website.