October 2009 Newsletter

October 2009 Newsletter

Visionary Web:
Who We Are, What We Offer

This monthly newsletter is a new service we offer to keep clients better-informed not only of our offers and abilities, but of upcoming services, technologies, and ideas all through the world of web design and development.

Visionary Web was founded in 1997 by Christina and Mark Sapusek as a small home-based business. It is now a quickly growing company with nearly 13 years of experience in web-related services to companies all around North America.

VW regularly helps clients answer the question, "What can the WEB do for my business?" in innovative and personalized way. Click to read more.

Community Spotlight

Visionary Web/Computers will be assisting Operation Elf on December 19th. You can find out more information by visiting Operation Elf Facebook page at http://tinyurl.com/ya49zec

Founded in 2001, Operation Elf is a program of the Youth Service Bureau of Wabash County, to provide Christmas assistance to needy families in Wabash County ages birth—14

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10 Small Business Steps
Social Media Marketing

(From CrowdSpring.com) One of the biggest challenges for small businesses who want to market using social media is capacity. crowdSPRING is a small business – there are only 10 people on our team – so we understand this challenge well. You must decide whether social media makes sense for your small business. Click to read more.

Granny is totally LOL’ing at you

(From CrowdSping.com)Over the past several weeks, my middle-aged mom (don’t tell her I said that, she still considers herself VERY young) has been talking to me about Twitter, Facebook and blogs.  I kind of laughed it off for awhile until one day she forwarded me a link – and to my surprise is was HER OWN BLOG! Click to read more

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