Let Social Media Work for Your Business

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Let Social Media Work for Your Business

Thursday, July 21st, 2011
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Once upon a time, running a successful business required just a few basic things.  Product, employees, and a great location were the main tools needed to get started.  A few newspaper ads and a strong word of mouth campaign were usually enough to get a small business owner started down a profitable path.

These days, however, it is a necessity to put a new business on the virtual map as well as the geographical one.  So now owners build nice shiny websites to promote their products online.  Now everything is covered right?

Not exactly.

Social Media should be a major part of any business advertising strategy.  Communicating to customers via Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare as well as posting the occasional blog can bring a tremendous amount of exposure to any company selling any product or service.

Of course many owners haven’t the time or expertise to set-up their social media platforms.  No Problem!  Let Visionary Web build you a strong social media presence and just watch your website and storefront traffic increase before your eyes.

Just give us a call at 260-569-0260 or send an email to info@visionaryweb.com and we will be glad to help you get started right away!

Website Redesign Completed For Nancy J’s Fabrics, Located in Wabash Indiana.

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Visionary Web, located in Wabash Indiana, is Proud to announce the completion of a site redesign for Nancy J’s Fabrics.


Blogging Tips!

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Here at Visionary Web, we encourage our clients to use as many tools as possible to connect to their customer base.  Blogging is a great way to inform customers and prospective customers about new and exciting things that are happening in your business.   Here are a few tips on  effective blogging shared with us by our friends at Panoramic Interactive.

How to write effective blogs

There is no doubt that a blog explosion has occurred. Anyone with internet access can effectively write down their thoughts on any subject and share those thoughts with the entire world.

It’s no surprise that many businesses have entered the blogosphere to try to capitalize on potential prospects and connect with their client base on a more personal level. In an age where social media is growing exponentially (and, make no mistake, blogging is in fact a social media platform), it would almost be a mistake for businesses not to engage their audiences through blogs.

It’s good to remember that any form of writing is a craft that must be learned, nurtured and grown. In that spirit, I’ve created a short list of items to think about when you’re blogging for your business. I call it the “5 Be’s for Business Blogging”:

  1. Be professional. You wouldn’t send an email to a client with misspellings, bad grammar or swear words. You shouldn’t blog like that either.
  2. Be informative. Don’t assume that everyone reads your blog religiously every day or every week. If you’re announcing a new product or upcoming event, use the journalistic code in your writing: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. I like to throw in an addition to that code and I call it What’s Next? Make sure those questions are answered and you’re well on your way to an effective blog.
  3. Be assertive. It’s okay to project confidence about your company, services and products because it’s your specialty. If you aren’t confident about what you do, why would customers or clients come to you? However, remember it’s considered bad form to talk negatively about your competitors.
  4. Be conversational. Give your writing tone some character when it’s appropriate. Consider the products or services you provide and the customers who buy them. Define your niche and integrate that into your blog.
  5. Be interactive. The biggest mistake some businesses make is that they don’t encourage their readers or followers to interact. Ask your readers for comments and suggestions and (here’s the big one) answer them back. You will find that your customers and clients will appreciate the special attention you give them and respond positively.

The best way to think of blogging is as another form of customer service. You would do all of these things listed above if a customer was physically standing at your service counter. Treat your written words the same way and you’ll see results.

Introducing Flip-Web.com!!!

Monday, May 2nd, 2011


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Flip the Web is a division of NCI Ventures, LLC and is run and operated by its sister company Visionary Web.

Google vs. Yellow Pages, Which is Better for Your Business?

Friday, February 25th, 2011

For more than a century consumers have, “let their fingers do the walking”, when it comes to finding everyday items and services.  In recent years, however,   more and more consumers are letting those same fingers do the walking on their keyboards using popular search engines such as Google to fulfill these same needs.

So what is an entrepreneur to do?  In an economy where every cent counts, in what market should business owners spend their precious advertising dollars?  While searching for an answer to this question, (on Google) I found this bit of information.

“Survey shows that 53.85% of those asked never turn to the Yellow Pages for their needs. Around 92.86% let their fingers do the typing in Google search boxes to find what they need. An amazing 100% of the people asked mentioned that they all use Google everyday. Obviously, the Yellow Pages may soon see the beginnings of the end of the road. A lot of people now prefer to snub printed material altogether because they prefer the ease of online tools.

What this means for business owners is even more obvious. If you own a business, regardless of whether it is based online or in a traditional brick and mortar store, you stand to gain more if Google has you on its results pages. You’d want to be right in the position for potential customers to find you quickly and easily.” (Google vs Yellow Pages- Which One Do People Use More?, 2010)

With this many users using Google on a daily basis, any business would do well to have a presence on the internet.

Let Visionary Web help you to develop your search engine strategies.  Or if you don’t have a site at all- call about our Small Business opportunities!